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Course Selections/Course Planner

The deadline for course selections is coming up (Feb. 16th, 2016). To provide more information about courses offered for next year, please see the slideshow presentations below.  Remember, the best way to choose your courses is to research what you will need to get to the next level, whether that be grade 10, 11, 12 or post-secondary.  We have lots of information on our Parent and Student resources page.

Click here to see the  Holy Cross Course Calendar

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Please refer to the following document to learn more about how to use course planner:
Feeder School Students:
If you are currently attending one of the Holy Cross feeder schools you will receive a registration package from your grade 8 teacher. If you require another package please click here->LDCSB school package.pdfLDCSB school package.pdf 
Upon completion of your registration checklist please hand it in to your grade 8 teacher by February 16, 2016.
Other documents for grade 8s:
Out of board or Non Feeder School Students:
If you are currently a grade 8 student attending a non feeder elementary school, please click here for your registration package

Upon completion of your registration package, please bring it to the Holy Cross Catholic Secondary school guidance department.
Registrations are due by February 16, 2016.


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